Night Score

Did some mad running around in the dark last night, a small 90 minute score event organised by Calder Valley Runnning club. 90 minutes to find as many controls as you can and get back to the start. Penalty for being late.  I'm not very good in the daylight when I can see all the walls, woods, landmarks etc ( those things that help you know where you are)  so in the dark was going to be interesting! Headtorch on, map in one hand, GO! We actually did ok, didn't come last which was a distinct possibility, ran 4 miles, giggled a lot and ate and drank in the pub after. It was fun seeing all the headtorches bobbing around in the distance on the fell. Tired legs today.....must stretch and use my my foam roller:)

Crow Hill Reverse Results




Well the race was done and dusted last night with a new course record of 30.18 by Alex  Whittem which was a fantastic run!

It was wonderful to see 71 runners turn up with a real broad mix of runners, some very experienced ones right through to first ever fell racers. We even had a visitor from Russia race!

It was a warm evening so there was  a lot of perspiring  from runners and from me with nerves!

We had a couple of incidents of course, a sprained ankle at the Crow Hill peak, a few lost runners in the woods due to a missed turning ( will try make clearer next year)  and this leading to the unfortunate discovery of a wasps nest, a few stings were received, I hope all are recovered now.

As usual it was the volunteers to help and marshal that made the race possible, without them I wouldn't have had a clue, so big thanks to them.

We managed to raise about £370 for Ovarian Cancer which is fabulous, so it was worth speaking in public for, I hope you can all run again next year and spread the word, would love to  raise even more money.


Crow Hill Reverse Results




A small pilates reformer demo.....starring me!

I just wanted to introduce the reformer to people, its an amazing piece of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates about 100 years ago and I am lucky enough to have one. Its basically an exercise machine that can address every part of your body, it can be used with all kinds of people from the novice to the super fit.

IMG_0178-2.MOV Watch on Posterous

Springs of varying strengths provide resistance and support while you push on the footbar, pull on the straps, lie in the box or stand on the carriage. Exercises vary from simple isolated movements of the arms or legs to complex exercises involving the whole body. I use the Reformer for rehabilitation and for improving strength, flexibility, muscle tone and most importantly stability, also known as core work. 


In the little video I am doing some arm work known as the mid back series, I am engaging my core to keep my legs in place, note how the movements are performed smoothly and with control.


I will add more clips soon to demonstrate further exercises, if you fancy a taster session just let me know:)

A Hilly Weekend

Mills cycling club expanded this weekend to 2 rides, one faster paced and one much more social!

We pedaled to Gargrave, to the wonderful Dalesman cafe, it was hilly! The faster paced ride left an hour after the slower one, but they didn't catch us which we were happy about, must have been the jelly babies:)

I used my Garmin to navigate (edge 500), it can catch you out a little if you don't know where you're going,  but tells you when you're off course really quick so a couple of 'u' turns were made.

Climbing the steep parts ( some at 28%!) was testing but I can feel I'm stronger than 6 months ago which is pleasing. I was also pleased at no negative effect of lowering my handlebars, people were laughing at how many spacers I had. I had to have the mountain of spacers initially as my back didn't like being low and it has taken time and exercises for it to adapt.  Now I can use my lovely original Enigma carbon forks which look so much nicer:) I also have the best top cap..... 


All in all a top day out in the saddle, well a fair bit out as well, climbing and sitting in the cafe!

Crow Hill Reverse Fell Race

This year I take on the running of Crow Hill Reverse......

Tuesday 2nd August,

from Mytholmroyd Community Centre, GR011260, 7.30pm, 5m/1000' utes/view/36641782/

£3.50 on the day.

Current records C.Smale 31.15, f. T.Hird 38.55

I have been wanting to organise something to raise money for Ovarian Cancer for sometime. I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer age 26, I was incredibly lucky and won the battle ( clearly!) Many women unfortunately don't and I'd love to help fund a charity thats working towards winning the battle more often. 

So Mills Physiotherapy will be covering all the costs of the race so all the proceeds will go to Ovarian Cancer Action

So if you can run a bit please enter, its only 5 miles and there's plenty of time to train, be great to get lots of people racing, any questions please ask:) This is a fell race so you will need fell or trail shoes or at least super grippy trainers.

Thanks for reading 

Ali Mills