A Hilly Weekend

Mills cycling club expanded this weekend to 2 rides, one faster paced and one much more social!

We pedaled to Gargrave, to the wonderful Dalesman cafe, it was hilly! The faster paced ride left an hour after the slower one, but they didn't catch us which we were happy about, must have been the jelly babies:)

I used my Garmin to navigate (edge 500), it can catch you out a little if you don't know where you're going,  but tells you when you're off course really quick so a couple of 'u' turns were made.

Climbing the steep parts ( some at 28%!) was testing but I can feel I'm stronger than 6 months ago which is pleasing. I was also pleased at no negative effect of lowering my handlebars, people were laughing at how many spacers I had. I had to have the mountain of spacers initially as my back didn't like being low and it has taken time and exercises for it to adapt.  Now I can use my lovely original Enigma carbon forks which look so much nicer:) I also have the best top cap..... 


All in all a top day out in the saddle, well a fair bit out as well, climbing and sitting in the cafe!