Why come to me for physiotherapy?

A lot of the time the body heals itself - it’s pretty clever! But I can help to speed things up.

I work holistically, looking for the root cause of the problem. You’re a key player in your own healing, so I’ll talk to you in detail, and make sure we understand your condition and what will help you on your way.

I’ll put together a personalised treatment for you, using one or more techniques. Everyone has different needs, so I’ll work out what’s right for you, drawing on my professional knowledge and experience. I will more than likely give you exercises to do. I will send the programme to you in an email using a special software programme called Physiotec. Here is an example of what you could receive.

There can be a long wait to see a physio on the NHS. I can often fit you in at short notice, giving us the chance to work on the problem before it becomes entrenched. Or if you would like a session whilst you wait for your NHS appointment I can advise you whats best to do now. 

Find out what happens in the first session or read about appointments and prices.