It's really nice when people give me feedback on how I've helped them. Here are few things that people have said to me.

Ali has helped me both with physio treatments and Pilates sessions. Being a hairdresser and keen walker Ali has been able to pinpoint trouble areas and suited our one to one Pilates sessions to build and strengthen, enabling me to carry on working and walking. Cheers Ali. Your worth your weight in gold.
— Sarah
I’ve been going for treatment from Ali at MillsPhysio for some years now, both in managing the inevitable aches and pains from an active sporting lifestyle, as well as last year for more in-depth recuperation after a serious accident. With her background in outdoor sport (particularly cycling and running), it’s been really helpful working with a physio that understands my shortfalls in common sense in wanting to train and race on, and is realistic in working with and around that, as well as telling me what I actually need to hear, rather than what I want to hear….
— Alan
I’ve been receiving treatment from Ali for some years now. Following neck and back injuries sustained over a period of time I tried a number of different ‘experts’ – Chiropractors, private physios, NHS physios and acupuncturists. None of these treatments helped me.

Since seeing Ali though I have been able to improve my quality of life. I’m not a mega sportsperson, just someone who wants to be able to do the day to day things in life. Through a mix of pilates, physio and acupuncture I have been able to reduce pain, increase movement and become more active.

I know I will get the best possible treatment in a professional and caring environment.
— Ri
Ali doesn’t just treat the injury she treats the underlying cause.

7 years ago after too many Ultra races my right knee decided it had had enough, the whole leg had given up and it was so bad that I couldn’t even stand on one leg.

Ali completely rebuilt me, and with a series of exercises and physiotherapy over several months, I was able to return to normal.

I still see Ali every couple of months for ITB band release and this enables me to keep running and stay injury free.

Mandy Goth
I went to Ali after knee pain saw my weekly running total plummet from 40+ miles to a two-mile hobble. Diagnosing a hamstring injury caused by overuse during training for a recent marathon, she immediately began treatment with deep massage and a programme of stretching exercises. I soon progressed to a rehabilitative and strengthening programme and within weeks I was back to my usual mileage, only faster and stronger.

Ali doesn’t just treat the injury, she also treats the person; those of us who value the sport and exercise in our lives know that there is nothing more frustrating than being side-lined. Ali helps you to realise that injuries aren’t usually ‘career-threatening’ whilst simultaneously emphasising the importance of addressing the problem and taking things steady until you are fully healed. Ali’s listening ear and mix of bullying/ cajoling me on the road to recovery were as important as her undoubted knowledge and professionalism. I simply cannot thank her enough. I now hope to complete my first ultra marathon.
— Bex
I first went to see Ali, on a friend’s recommendation, after I had broken my wrist. The fracture was complicated and needed a plate insertion and I had virtually no movement in my hand. I felt I couldn’t wait for a NHS physio referral and am so glad that Ali came to my rescue! I’m convinced that if it weren’t for her, I would not have gained so much movement in my hand and wrist – she worked wonders on me for around six months. Since then, I’ve seen her about once a month for
general maintenance on my shoulder, which was also affected by my fall, and on various parts of my body!

I’m a very grateful and relieved client!
— Helen