A small pilates reformer demo.....starring me!

I just wanted to introduce the reformer to people, its an amazing piece of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates about 100 years ago and I am lucky enough to have one. Its basically an exercise machine that can address every part of your body, it can be used with all kinds of people from the novice to the super fit.

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Springs of varying strengths provide resistance and support while you push on the footbar, pull on the straps, lie in the box or stand on the carriage. Exercises vary from simple isolated movements of the arms or legs to complex exercises involving the whole body. I use the Reformer for rehabilitation and for improving strength, flexibility, muscle tone and most importantly stability, also known as core work. 


In the little video I am doing some arm work known as the mid back series, I am engaging my core to keep my legs in place, note how the movements are performed smoothly and with control.


I will add more clips soon to demonstrate further exercises, if you fancy a taster session just let me know:)