The Infamous Tod Cross Race-Euphoric!

I have marshaled Tod Cross twice saying the same thing each year "I would never do this in a million years, its absolutely mad, muddy and ridiculously hard looking!' So I'm at the start line a year later, on my lovely Kinesis EVO4, its mad, muddy and ridiculously hard looking..... GO!

Descending demon

My fear of all the people quickly vanished as I slid over the mud and pedaled furiously, why did I think I would be cold, no chance! I am ahead of Emma, now to keep it that way. The steep cobbled climb arrived and it was bike on shoulder time, Emma overtakes with her strong fell running legs, bugger. At the top back in the saddle and whoooosh through the trees, then it got interesting. Some steep downs and tight corners allowed me to catch Emma and finally pass her on a tricky deep muddy descent. Now I need to hold the lead, it was hard and fabulous all at once, friends and strangers cheering, so exhilarating. It was much more fun than spectating!

The cobbles arrived again and Emma passed me and so this happened each lap, me catching and overtaking her on the tricky descents. I would need a race face on to hold this lead, Joolze Diamond providing the evidence

Race face is on!

By the fourth and final lap I was tiring and Emma has greater stamina than me, she was able to hold her lead after the cobbles, but only just!

I crossed the line and that was when I knew that I had found my thing, Cyclocross racing:)



I was Euphoric and I will beat Emma next time!

Special thanks to:-

Sportsunday and Joolze Diamond for photos-wonderful as always

Chipps and all his helpers for organising the race smoothly in tough conditions.

Kinesis for sorting me out with a fabulous bike Evo4

And once again to Mark Turner and Alan Dorrington for encouraging me to the point of today, their female only race really started this for me, more are essential for women to feel confident at having a go at Cross, you never know where it may lead.......