Fairy beats Elf in race shocker

Spot the tutu!

Today I entered a very serious traditional cross bike race. It was the fancy dress cross race in Heptonstall. A lot of preparation went into this. I did my first race last week, an all ladies race organised by Cycle Sport Pendle. It was fantastic and gave me the confidence to enter this next challenging event. I chose my outfit carefully, a fairy.Fairy I was happy with this. Emma dressed as an elf .


The weather was kind, dry and not too cold. It was a mass start, fairies, elves, batman, robin, reindeer and santas all in it together. The circuit was quite small and tight, this was to my advantage, skill needed as much as strength. I started well, ahead of the elf. I loved going round feeling the elf  on my tail, fully expecting her to overtake at any point. You could take a shortcut with the penalty of getting shot at with water pistols, of course I paid the price to keep my lead.

Squirted on the shortcut

The bell rang and I was still ahead, then the elf came past, damn I thought. But luck was in and there was a gap I could slip through on the inside, the fairy had regained the lead. I rode as hard as I could, passed batman and crossed the line ahead of the elf. I was thoroughly delighted with myself! Fairies rule.