9 days and counting to the Fred!

The clock is ticking now as the "Fred" gets closer and closer. I think my heart rate increases slightly when I just think about it now, a mixture of excitement and nerves. I am overwhelmed by the support I have had emotionally and in donations. My total raised so far has passed £2100, which is incredible and I hope it grows even more. All donations big and small are deeply  appreciated from my heart so thank you. I have had some very generous anonymous donations, for example £112 , £1 per mile from a fellow Fred rider! A page 3 girl I think the very hard work has been done, just need to keep turning the legs this week/weekend. I have asked anyone religious to pray for good  weather,  if  not it will be a long day,  maybe two,  as I will do it regardless!

I have been super lucky and received new tyres and 16 packets of Zipvit energy sweets from Garage Bikes, Morley which is super kind, I hope I don't need all 16! Thanks Garage Bikes!

So, bring it on and let me get to the start line, I'm going to do my best to enjoy it all, including Hardknott!

Things i'm worried about:-

1) keeping my breakfast down 2) being too cold or too hot 3) legs feeling rubbish 4) climbing Hardknott with 100 miles in my legs

Things i'm excited about:-

1) Just starting 2) being part of something big 3) getting to the top of each climb 4) seeing  friends support me and strangers cheering 5) FINISHING!

If you have not donated yet and would like to please click here. Even £1 would be fantastic.  Thank you.