Lycra and cleats to dress and heels!

At the weekend I swapped my lycra and cleats for a dress and heels for my sisters wedding in Innsbruck, Austria. We arrived on Thursday and within a couple of hours Emma had found the bike shop and hired a city bike to take up the mountain the next day ( it was that or a mountain bike!) She kept asking me if I wanted to go too, even for just a couple of hours, it was beautifully sunny and the mountainous scenery looked amazing.  I was tempted but I said I would hang out with my sister, keep her calm, go to the hairdresser with her etc. Emma went off all excited about her adventure. The thing is though, when I was ill my sister was there 100% and sacrificed a lot to be with me at the drop of a hat when I needed her. It was worth a thousand rides on a bike. So I had a great day with my sis, the last day we would be the Mills sisters ( she is now Mrs Lee) The wedding was fabulous.

This week is busy with patients so training will difficult to fit in but I am off to Lanzarote on Saturday to provide physio on the EDT training camp for triathletes. Back into lycra and cleats I will get a chance to ride in the sun and  bank some miles, keeping my legs turning over before more climbing practice at home.

Thank you so much for all the donations so far for Macmillan. if you can spare even £1 click here it really will help push me up Hardknott!