Knowing when to stop riding

Following on from my distinct lack of energy last weekend I broke out in the winter lurgy  and have felt pretty rotten all week. It comforted me in a way because it explained the strain of last weeks ride but was it was frustrating as no riding was possible all week. I began to feel anxious about not getting the riding or the climbing in that I think I should, time is ticking away and the 13th May is looming closer and closer, I'm sure I dreamt about Hardknott the other night! (nightmare really) Based on these emotions I was keen to get 70 miles in today which included the Park Rash and Askrigg climbs, I was still coughing a bit but felt well enough and legs were ready for battle. Plans had to change slightly, Emma had a mechanical,  we were going nowhere. JD tandems diagnosed, we drove to Ilkley,  JD cycles fixed it,  all very quickly which was fabulous, drove back to Carleton to start a modified 50 mile ride, slightly annoying but that's life.

Finally set off. After 12 miles my heart rate was a bit crazy and I felt breathless, in my mind I told myself I was just getting nervous about the whole thing, i'll just keep going, it will pass, it will be fine. It wasn't. Emma's bike started playing up again, we stopped, my heart rate was high and taking a long time to recover, still breathless. Time to turn round. Total ridden 18 miles, minimal climb. I get the feeling it was just too soon and the 18 miles were not detrimental, it was just never going to be more than that without negative consequences.

Reading other riders tweets etc about their 80 mile rides today makes me feel envious and a bit worried. I know I did the right thing stopping, I have seen athletes who don't stop and it takes them forever to regain their normal energy levels etc. On this basis though I will continue with stretching and core work over the next couple of days, drink camomile tea to stay calm and because wednesday is 29th february,  an extra day really, I'm  going to take most of it off work and take myself riding! Thank you so much to all those that have donated already, if you have not and would like to to please click here