A short ride with a lot of hills!

I had a reasonable ride planned, weather permitting. We headed for Gargrave, whether it was the late night before or general fatigue my legs felt like lead. 27 miles later we arrived at The Dalesman-thank god, refueled and then wanted to sleep by the fire. So the plan was to go home the flatter way, lets just avoid that main road though........ legs perked up a bit with a few energy products and suddenly we were in this super hilly 30 miles. It was tough but by doing it I faced a couple of demons and I won, put them in my mind for future reference. I nearly stopped up "big Jack", but I didn't. I pushed when there was no feeling of push. 55 miles and 7000ft climb deserved pizza at the end. I just have to do that twice for the Fred Whitton.

Currently on 3rd cup of tea this monday morning....

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